Advancing Veteran and public health
through innovative research

Improving access, usability, and effectiveness of mobile mental health apps to support evidence-based treatments for Veterans with PTSD.

PAVIR partners with the VA’s National Center for PTSD to provide instrumented versions of VA’s most popular apps

Mobile technologies allow participants in research studies to access evidence-based treatments and assessments 24/7. The VA’s suite of mobile mental health apps allow investigators to connect study participants with powerful mobile interventions, like PTSD Coach, Mindfulness Coach, and CBTi Coach. Research versions of many VA apps are available for qualified investigators to use, including CPT Coach, Insomnia Coach, Beyond MST, STAIR Coach, and VetChange. Research apps can be unlocked with an invitation code and are capable of providing investigators with detailed app engagement data and participant-completed assessment data. The VA mPRO app provides investigators with extensive survey and ecological momentary assessment capabilities.

See the full list of PAVIR’s mobile app offerings in the Play Store or App Store.

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Your privacy is important to us.

PAVIR never collects or shares any identifying information about you.

Privacy Policy

When you use a PAVIR mobile app, no data that could be used to identify you is sent to PAVIR or third parties. Any information that you enter into the app, such as names, phone numbers, addresses, images, or music, cannot be accessed, stored, or shared by PAVIR.

PAVIR mobile apps do collect anonymous information about how people use the app. It is only used for research purposes and to improve how well the app works. We can see what sections of the app people visit, for example.

We often use this information to correct technical problems in the apps or to better understand which parts of the app are most helpful. This information cannot be linked to any personal information about you and will never be shared with a third party.

PTSD is a serious mental health condition that often needs professional evaluation and treatment. These apps are not intended to replace needed professional care.

If you would like to turn off sending this anonymous usage information, go to the Settings menu, look for "Anonymous Usage Data," and flip the switch to the "off" setting.

PAVIR uses some software analysis tools to help identify and prevent app problems. PAVIR mobile apps do not share personal or identifying information with any of the vendors of these tools.

In using a PAVIR mobile app, it is your responsibility to protect any information in the app once it is installed on your device. Setting a passcode on your device is recommended to help keep your information safe.

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