Advancing Veteran and public health
through innovative research


PAVIR is aware of its responsibility to uphold the highest standards of professional conduct and practice in relation to its research and research administration activities. The PAVIR Code of Ethics presents standards of behavior to which staff should aspire and is based on our credo, which represent our five key values.

Creativity and Innovation

  • Challenge yourself to constantly ask how can this this can be done better
  • Implement new technology, ideas, and processes to better embrace our purpose
  • Respect the process, but dare to embrace innovation

Ethical Standards

  • Respect the needs for privacy and security, including record retention, in accordance with the law
  • Conduct yourself with integrity and respect, as well as sensitivity to people's needs
  • Address discrimination, untruthful presentation of data/ work performance, or libel with supervisors and/or Human Resources
  • Give credit to others (as appropriate) in proportion to the professional contribution that they have made
  • Be the colleague with whom you want to work

Excellence - Results

  • Continuously seek excellence for meaningful results
  • Communicate knowledge, experience, and views while clearly differentiating facts, opinions, habits, and ideas
  • Develop your professional standing and keep current with new relevant knowledge and new developments through the reading of relevant literature, peer consultation, and continuing education activities


  • Engage only in approved and compliant research and education activities
  • Respect compliance parameters stemming from Federal and State law, as well as funding agencies and project specific regulations

Financial Stewardship

  • Act as a steward of PAVIR's funds, entrusted to us by our sponsors
  • Reimburse and ask for reimbursement of only allowable and reasonable expense
  • Seek balance between cost of materials and services, labor, and time
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