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Pre-Award Process

Proposal Submission Process

Pre-Award Contract & Grant Administrators (CGAs) are committed to assisting investigators submit timely and accurate proposals.  Each Pre-Award CGA serves many PIs, and may have competing deadlines for the submission date you are considering.  Please work with your Pre-Award CGA toward a mutually agreed upon submission date.  For example, NIH allows a two-business day window prior to deadline to review your application in eRA Commons, make any changes, and resubmit a revised package.  Toward this end, it is helpful to review your proposal documents on a rolling basis in order to take advantage of this window.

The following guidelines refer to NIH grant submissions specifically.  Other sponsors may not require all the components listed.  However, the general timelines and guidelines apply to all grants and sub awards submitted through PAVIR.


If your proposal includes sub-awards, contact your CGA at least 45 days prior to the due date.  Full sign-off from consortium institutions is required prior to submission.  This process can take 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the institution.

Prior to Proposal Due Date:

In order to ensure a timely submission of each application, PAVIR has established the following proposal submission timeline:

3 WeeksPI
  • Submit Budget
  • Budget Justification
  • Facilities & Equipment for PAVIR review
  • Finalize Application
  • Draft Documents including Biosketches, Research Plan, etc., for PAVIR review
5 Business DaysPI
  • Submit Application for PAVIR review
Submission DateCGA
  • Submit Application to Funding Agency

I submitted the application - What next?

Typically, if the sponsor intends to fund your project you will receive a Just in Time (JIT) request.  Should you receive a JIT request you should do the following to ensure timely approval from the R&D Committee:

Upon submission of your application PAVIR CGAs will enter project sponsorship information in the Research Development Information System (RDIS) on your behalf.

  • Notify CGA who will begin collecting requested JIT information.
  • Refer to the R&D Committee Calendars for important deadlines to complete Drafts in RDIS for your project by the deadlines.  This step begins the process for obtaining required regulatory documents, such as IACUC or IRB approvals, needed to complete the JIT process.
  • If your application is not funded notify your Pre-Award CGA in order to update RDIS.

I received Notice of Award - What next?

In order to establish a PAVIR account your project must be approved by the VA Palo Alto Research & Development (R&D) Committee. Once you obtain R&D approval your Post-Award CGA will set up a PAVIR account.  You will be notified of your new PAVIR account number.

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