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Mesoscale Discovery SECTOR Imager 2400

Brief description:
The Mesoscale Discovery SECTOR Imager 2400 is a highly sensitive ELISA reader based on electrochemiluminescent detection of analytes.  Several hundred assays for the detection of human, mouse and rat proteins are currently available as well as the possibility to design custom assays. In addition, existing ELISAs are easily adaptable to this platform and we have successfully adapted two of our assays, which resulted in improved dynamic range and sensitivity.

The advantage over traditional ELISA and similar assays is the large dynamic range (often over several log scales), the possibility for multiplex assays to measure several analytes in a single well, and the use of low sample volume with as little as 25 ul being sufficient for an assay.

Bldg. 100, D3-131

Main contact:
Eva Czirr
Bldg 100, D3-121
Phone extension:  #68827

Open for all VA appointed researchers and VA R&D approved projects, but the laboratory requires that users ask for initial training

Cost to use:
None at this time.

Other information:
Training on the machine is simple and would require only about 15 min.  Please make an appointment with Eva Czirr.

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