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AutoMACS Pro Separator by Miltenyi

Brief description:
The AutoMACS Pro Separator by Miltenyi is an automated high-speed immunomagnetic cell separation system with the ability to process multiple samples at a time. Many cell types from several species and tissue types, including whole blood, can be processed with the AutoMACS Pro with the use of immunomagnetic beads. Cells can be separated using positive selection, depletion or untouched isolation programs. It can sort more than 10 million cells per second from a samples of up to 4×109 total cells. The instrument has a touch screen and easily navigable menus. The system reduces manual handling of samples and increases reproducibility.

Building 100, E4-208

Main contact:
Guangjin Li
Building 100, E4-201
Extension: 65460

Open for all VA appointed researchers and VA R&D approved projects. Users must be trained before using the instrument. Users must record the number of separations conducted on the sign-in sheet for each use, and they need to clean and shutdown the instrument properly after use.

Cost to use:
Each separation costs $4, which covers the cost of columns and buffers. This does not include the cost of immunomagnetic beads used to label cells.

Other information:
Training will take less than 15 minutes. For more information on the AutoMACS system, please visit

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