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Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100

Brief description:
This machine uses “Lab-on-a-chip” technology to analyze and characterize miniscule DNA, RNA, protein and flow cytometry samples. The Bioanalyzer allows the operator to analyze up to sixteen total laboratory parameters (from one or multiple samples, mix or match) within a few minutes using very miniscule quantities. This allows the operator to potentially run sixteen simultaneous experiments saving time, reagents and precious test samples.

The Bioanalyzer can be used to “spot check” and monitor large scale lab experiments without consuming very much sample. Additionally, the Bioanalyzer is indispensible for analyzing rare or valuable samples without significant consumption of sample.

Building 101, Room A4-141

Main contact:
Ling Liu, Yip Yu or any other qualified Rando lab member.
Building 100, Room D4-203
Extension: 63731

Sign-up sheet affixed to machine. Available on a first come, first served basis. We will provide training for new users as the delicate pin set needs to be cleaned before and after use. Reagents and chips can be costly. Please consult with us and verify that the Bioanalyzer is suitable for your experiments before ordering supplies.

Cost to use:
Users are expected to provide their own kits, microfluidic chips and reagents or any required combination of the above. RNAseZap, and RNAse-free water recommended for cleaning electrodes before loading samples.

Other information:
Some chips are reusable (to a certain extent). You are welcome to use any usable chip that is available by the machine but we cannot guarantee the performance of any chip or reagents left by the machine. It is best practice to provide your own supplies and reagents.

Pin set needs to be cleaned after each use to prevent precipitate build-up and cross-contamination of samples.

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