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ABI PRISM 7900HT Sequence Detection System

Brief description:
The ABI PRISM 7900HT Sequence Detection System is a second-generation sequence detection system instrument designed for automated, high-throughput detection of fluorescent PCR-related chemistries. The instrument is capable of real-time, end-point, and dissociation curve analysis of assays arrayed on multiple formats. The 7900HT instrument is optimized for nucleic acid quantification and detection. The interchangeable sample block modules of the 7900HT instrument allow it to support ABI PRISM optical 384-well or 96-well reaction plates, and the use of low sample volume as little as 2 ┬Ál being sufficient for an assay.

Bldg. 100, E4-100

Main contact:
Xiaoyou Shi
Bldg 100, E4-218
Extension:  65274

Open for all VA appointed researchers and VA R&D approved projects, but all users need to book their schedule in Yahoo account. Usually the researchers can sign in their time in a day or two.

Cost to use:
None at this time.

Other information:
Training on the machine is simple and would require only about 15 min.  Each laboratory is responsible for training the new users.

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