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Why a New System? 

PAVIR has invested in cloud-based Streamlyne Research software to increase our efficiency and effectiveness through system-to-system proposal submission, automated workflow, and robust reporting. Its singular platform will centrally house our pre-award, post-award, and compliance activities and documentation making it available wherever we can connect to the internet.  It enables us to reduce errors by reducing manual and non-value-added work such as re-keying commonly used information.  Simultaneously it will increase transparency within our teams, streamline the life cycle of sponsored projects, and enhance our ability to comply with various sponsor requirements.

What Will I Do in Streamlyne?

Investigators will utilize Streamlyne to:

  • Comply with PAVIR’s COI Policy
    • Report any relationship you have with a Financial Entity
    • Complete annual and project COI disclosures
    • Complete COI training
  • Provide information, certification, and assurance for proposal submissions
  • Submit requests for Bid & Proposal projects
  • Report Other Support in compliance with sponsor requirements, e.g., NIH

Streamlyne Conflict of Interest Module

Principal Investigators or named VA Key Personnel will be responsible for accessing PAVIR’s Streamlyne Research COI module to:

  1. Create and update Financial Entity documents within 30 days of a new or change in relationship with an Entity outside of the VA.  This includes entities from which you receive Other Support.
  2. Certify COI Project Disclosures at the time of Proposal submission and before Award release.
  3. Certify Annual Disclosure each year (September 1 – 30).

Time-Saving Changes

1.  PAVIR will no longer send email attachments to collect COI disclosures. At a minimum, investigators will now review and certify their disclosures once annually during the month of September and once per project for any project on which they are named as Key Personnel directly into Streamlyne.  Compared to the current procedure of collecting attachments per project multiple times through the life of the award, Streamlyne COI will result in a significant reduction of disclosures investigators provide!

2.  The Annual Disclosure includes a questionnaire that once complete will satisfy the investigator’s requirements for PAVIR COI training.

3.  Also new is the reporting of financial interests or relationships investigators have with Financial Entities. Investigators will create Financial Entity Records and provide information about a financial interest or relationship by entity.  This is also the method by which investigators will report other support received from institutions external to the VA (examples below) to improve our compliance with various sponsor requirements.

    • Offices and positions held
    • Compensation (including honoraria, sponsored or reimbursed travel, consulting fees, etc.)
    • Financial support for laboratory personnel
    • “In-Kind” resources such as lab or office space, specialized equipment, research data, or other materials (biologics, chemicals, model systems, etc.)

4.  Once you enter information for your financial entities and Other Support, the investigator will be able to connect it to any or all of their projects instead of filling out forms per project.

Getting Started

The initial setup of an investigator’s disclosures may take the most time, but once done, Streamlyne Research makes it easy for investigators to create new, update, or inactivate records.

Training and Other Resources

Streamlyne Research will be made available for investigators beginning on September 1, 2021.  PAVIR will be providing training materials to help you create Financial Entity records, complete Project Disclosures, and complete the Annual Disclosure by September 30, 2021.  These include a short video demonstration, quick start guides, and virtual open labs.

Accessing Streamlyne

Before you log in to Streamlyne for the first time, locate your Streamlyne Username available in your RDIS profile.

  • Go to “My Profile,” click on Name, Contact and Affiliations, scroll to the bottom to find your “Streamlyne Principal Name”; this is your Streamlyne Username.

On the Streamlyne login page, you will initiate a password email by clicking on “Forgot Password”.

Can I Delegate Access to Streamlyne?

Only Principal Investigators and named VA Key Personnel will have access to the COI Module, but delegation of access to the Proposal Development Module may be requested by emailing the PAVIR staff member assigned to the proposal.

Streamlyne for Proposal Submissions

PAVIR is now using Streamlyne Research for proposal submission including system-to-system applications that are received directly by federal agencies.  We would like to thank those investigators who worked with us to submit PAVIR’s very first proposal submissions through Streamlyne; their willingness and patience are invaluable!  If you are on our calendar for a late-summer or fall submission, please work with us early so that our team can adequately prepare you for what to do.  If you are not yet on our calendar, please email with a copy of the program announcement.  We look forward to working with you!

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